The Cure for Loneliness

We all feel alone sometimes, some more than others, and that feeling comes in different aches and pains and longings. There is the hollow emptiness of a vacant house, with no one but you to walk its halls. There is the soft, hopeful loneliness of a day spent walking among tall pine and branching oak. There is the muffled, invisible isolation of living your life in a city full of people, going to work every day with the same faces, and eating alone every night, yet hardly making a sound. Then, there is the bruised, helpless turmoil, of sitting amongst your peers, as they laugh and joke, while you smile politely, unsure of where you fit in.


Some loneliness is the melancholic guilt of not fitting in, or the incessant pang of need to find friendship, while others can be simple, less painful, more relaxing. Loneliness can follow you amongst the wet, greening grasses of spring, when the sky lightens and the black buds of Ash flower into new leaves. It can envelop you in longing as your feet wind amongst the unsteady rocks of the canyon floor, and the tumultuous water tears itself from the boulders above, and casts its body amongst the stars, before falling back to its home on earth. It can be in the overwhelming multitude of faces, scents and sounds that barrage your senses in unknown color, as you explore a new place for the first time.


Loneliness does not equate sadness, loneliness can lead to adventurous things, to rewarding experiences. Loneliness can drive you to create something of yourself, you only have to embrace the feeling of it. Cast aside the shell of despair, turn that void of space about you into something useful, and go be out amongst the cascade of pastel colors the dawn brings, join the entwining chorus of voices all around you, find something to be a part of.

The cure for loneliness is the world. All you have to do is open your eyes, and let yourself forth from the room you had shut yourself in, to experience, to explore. Go out of your way in your loneliness, find your passion, find yourself.


Climb that mountain you stare at, every time you drive home from work. Go to that park that crosses your mind every time the sun sends the green of nature into a frenzy of vivid perfection. Ask that person out that catches your eye, every time you cross paths. Go to that gym you think of, whenever you tell yourself you need exercise. Listen to that insufferable, impulsive maniac inside of you and do as they bid. They may take you somewhere you did not expect you would be. They may take you somewhere far from the lack of voices in your life, the lack of events unfolding, of miles traveled.


The cure for loneliness is being. The cure for loneliness is trying, exploring, moving. The cure for loneliness is you.


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