Until the Sidewalk Ends



I walked until the sidewalks end, and then I kept walking. My footsteps crackled angrily as I kicked pebbles across the floor and in this tiny lakeside town I felt as weary as I’d ever been before.


Angry clouds broke open above, tumbling sunbeams over the water. On this storm scattered day, I wondered why I even bothered.


Some days, things just don’t work out as planned, some weeks, things cloud over, some months, rain fills the forecast giving light to only a few sunny days.


Find a way to breath it all in, they say, embrace the good with the bad, find out how to change the situation. Sometimes, that’s hard to do.


Today was one of those days.



For starters, I had to wait out the previous days storms before I could start north to go camping in the depths of the Adirondacks. Then, over halfway there, my car’s engine just shut off on the highway and refused to restart.


I kept telling myself that being stranded in Schroon Lake wasn’t going to be bad, that a beer and time to read by the lake would ease some of the stress of an expensive fix.


It did for a time until the rain began to sweep across the mountains in glowing sheets, and wind pushed the lake splashing onto the shore. Thunder shook the little town and lightning streaked across the sky. Reveling in the harsh wonder, I scurried from my bench and underneath an archway while rain pelted at my jacket.



I made the most of it for a time, snapping photos until the storm passed, and sunlight began to slip through the widening chinks in the sky’s armor. Then I waited, for hours, until even worse news came about my car, and I had to call in the cavalry to get me.


In the three hours it would take to be picked up from a backwoods auto shop I could get a lot of walking done.


I walked until the sidewalks end, and then the rain began to fall again.




Some days just aren’t your friend, some don’t make you any promises. Some just make you watch lightning strike from behind a window pane, plug in your headphones, and use your weariness to fuel the rapid staccato of your fingers on the keyboard.

Most days you push through the pain and you find out what makes you tick. Most moments you breathe in what makes the day bad and you channel all of that frustration into something worth doing.


Most days you just walk until the sidewalk ends, and other days you don’t even get that luxury.






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